Teri's Quilt

Nothing is more fun for me than trying to get everyone I know addicted to quilting! So that generally means that if any of my friends (or sometimes random acquaintances) ever wants to make a quilt, I will help them figure out patterns, fabric, cutting, piecing, etc. etc. (pretty sure their husbands just love me for aiding and abetting this potentially expensive habit! ;) It is seriously fun.
I have made some really great friends as a result of quilting, so I've decided that I am going to immortalize some of my quilting buddies--and their quilts--on this blog!

Here is my cute friend (and quilting buddy) Teri and the quilt she just finished! I had so much fun with her just talking about how this quilt was coming along!

She made it for her cute daughter Rachelle, pictured here.

Teri's quilt was inspired by this Pottery Barn quilt:

I think hers turned out SO cute!

These pictures do not even do it justice! The fabrics she chose are darling! And she used a sheet for the sashing, borders and backing, and then has another set of the sheets for her daughters bed so it all matches!

I might have helped with a little bit of the quilting...but only because she's pregnant and she wanted to have it done before her baby is born!

I love the purple polka dot binding! So so cute!