Baby Quilts!

Here are a bunch of pictures of most of the baby quilts I have made. In the beginning I didn't take pictures of some of them (what was I thinking?) --so here are the ones I took pictures of. I have been keeping a webshots album with my quilt pictures, but since I started this blog I have quit updating it--so I figured I would try to get pictures of all my quilts in one place--here are the baby quilts. Wedding quilts, and other random quilts to follow in a future post.

The Cowboy Quilt
I made this quilt for Stacy--a lady I used to clean for. She was having her 3rd baby and told me that she had wanted her mom to make a baby quilt but her mom said no. So I volunteered to make her one. The theme for her nursery was this is what I came up with. I made up the pattern for the border, and used the cutest little scrapbook picture from My Minds Eye that I enlarged for the center. I learned a lot of things about making up my own patterns, and I became a big fan of applique!

I found the fringe at Joann's and all the outlining and details are done with a super tight zig-zag. (The rope took forever!) A lady at my work did most of the quilting (it was my first time using a long arm machine and I was a little scared of it--I thought I was really going to mess it up--so she did most of it for me).

The Giraffe Quilt
This quilt actually started out as "the bug quilt". I found these 3 cute little bug pictures that I wanted to put on a quilt, but they were kinda small, and I couldn't figure out how to make them look cute as appliques - so I used fabric paint and painted them on white fabric and made this quilt up around them...but I didn't love it. So I threw it in the closet and let it sit for a while. Then one day I decided that a giraffe would be the perfect thing to put in the middle of this quilt! So I yanked out the bugs and replaced them with a giraffe. I still have this quilt, since I made it for no one in particular. Below is a girly version of it that I helped one of my friends make.

Butterfly Flower Quilt
This is my first commissioned quilt ;) I made it for my grandma who wanted it as a Christmas present for my little brother and his wife who were having a little girl. (I think my cute grandma just wanted an excuse to give me money--I would have done it for free!)
It is very similar to this quilt I made for my daughter, I just used bolder colors and added butterflies to the border.

The Clock Quilt
This is an Amy Bradley design. I made this for my daughter.

I had WAY too much fun quilting this one. For the border squares, I printed numbers out in Word, cut them out, taped them to the fabric and used a ruler to go around them. Fun, fun!

Baby Alien Quilt
This is another Amy Bradley design...sort of...the original pattern makes a twin sized quilt (I have the twin sized top finished...waiting to be quilted...) but I decided to make it into a baby I reduced the aliens on the copy machine, changed the layout, added the checkered border, and the rocket ship. It was for my nephew, Jason.

The Sheep Quilt
This is another quilt I made for my first baby...the pattern is Slide show by Atkinson designs. I wish you could see the sheep better...they are quilted into the big squares.