Halloween Quilt

This is a quilt that my friend Teri and I made...this quilt is actually what really started our friendship. She bought a couple of these Halloween panels last year and was trying to figure out what to do with them. I had seen the coordinating blue candy corn fabric previously and we both loved it...so I bought some of that, she gave me one of the panels and I started making up designs in EQ6. We started emailing back and forth and talking on the phone a lot plotting the quilt. Anyway, we decided on one of the designs and I started making one for her and an identical one for myself but I didn't get either of them done in time for Halloween, so onto a shelf they went. Last month I pulled Teri's back out and finished piecing it, and she quilted it. (Of course mine is still not done, going to have to wait until next year to be finished!) But Yay for another unfinished quilt--finished!

Love these cute little ghosts and bats!
(From the book Simply Continuous Holiday Fun by Anne Bright)

Happy Halloween!