A couple weeks ago I went to Las Vegas to see my in-laws. The second night we were in town I checked online to see if there were any quilt shops close by that I could drag my mother-in-law (Kristy) to when we went shopping the next day. I started google mapping and checking out the websites of the closest stores to see which ones I wanted to check out. Well it turned out that one of the shops was going out of business and was having sale that was supposed to have started that day. Everything was 2$ per yard. TWO DOLLARS PER YARD!! So I ran in and told Kristy that there was a change of plans (we were supposed to go get pedicures in the morning, and then go shopping) and we HAD to go check out this fabric sale. I was a little worried that it would be totally picked over --since the sale had started that day...but I was still excited to check it out--I had a hard time going to sleep that night! So the next morning we got up and got to the shop right when they opened. Us and EVERYONE else in town. When we walked in, there were two ladies walking out saying "Not even going to mess with that!" Pretty much every bolt of fabric in the entire store had been grabbed and there were 2 really long cutting lines snaking around each end of the room. Everyone had bolts and bolts of fabric in their piles...it was nuts. So I grabbed a few fat quarters (50 cents each) and a couple random bolts that were ok and got in the cut line. Kristy (who doesn't even like fabric) did the same. There was a minimum 2 yard cut per bolt, but not everyone took the whole bolt, so we stood in line for the next 4 hours and I kept leaving my stack and going back around the store, picking up more and more stuff. By the time we got out of there, we had about 250 yards of fabric between the two of us. It was AWESOME! I also learned while standing in line, that the shop had been closed the day before because of some plumbing issue, otherwise the sale would have started and it would have all been gone, so I really lucked out! Some of the fabric wasn't what I would normally buy...but I kept saying to myself "quilt back!" And seriously, for that price I couldn't pass it up! I had to ship it home because I couldn't fit it in my suitcase! Well it arrived a couple hours ago, so I have been going through it all and making plans for it! I'm so grateful to sweet Kristy who was willing to forgo a pedicure to stand in line for 4 hours for stuff she doesn't even like! It was seriously a JACKPOT! Best fabric shopping trip EVER!

Such a fun little pile of random fabric!

Lots of scraps and fat quarters

My sweet Madi-- she loved the pink Vespas so much, she made herself a little blanket out of it and decided to just lay down on the pile. She is definitely my child!