Pink, Orange & Brown Stripey Quilt #2

So here is a picture of my most recently finished quilt...which is funny, because I pieced and quilted it back in May. I posted a few pictures of its twin in my very first post...when I was still in the process of quilting this one. I made these for my 2 little girls when I redecorated their bedroom. But back then I wasn't really in a hurry to finish this one, since my baby hadn't even been born yet. girl is five months old now, and this quilt has been sitting in my quilting room, unbound, for that long. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to use for the binding-- but this morning I just decided to pick something and get it done!

It's quilted exactly the same as the other one, in an all-over swirly flower meander - which was so fun to do!

I ended up binding it in the brown large floral -- and I am really happy with how it turned out (now why didn't I think of this 6 months ago?)! The best part is that the binding is really scrappy! When I finished piecing the quilts, I took the small bit of fabric I had leftover and fussy cut a bunch of the flowers to make matching shadow boxes to hang on the wall in the girls' bedroom. So I had to hunt down every single little scrap I had left and piece those together for the binding-- and I just barely had enough! Yes!

And speaking of those shadow is a picture of them. Yes, sometimes I do random arts and crafts besides quilting. These shadow boxes were pretty fun to make. This is the second time I have put stuff in these particular boxes, and this time was infinitely faster and better because I learned about liquid starch--and how fabulously it sticks fabric to --well to whatever you want to stick it to! The backgrounds are fabric, and the flowers are a mixture of fabric and acrylic paint. I thought they turned out well for the minimal effort I put into them. I also made a matching valance, bed-skirt and crib sheet. And now I have the second quilt to complete the room! Too bad I am already thinking of changing up the color scheme again...hmmm... guess that means I'll have to make more quilts!