Pick-Up Sticks Quilt

Here is another one of the quilts I made for Christmas this year. This one was for my husband and me (finally a quilt I get to keep!).

The inspiration for this quilt was an art print I saw online. My husband and I both really like abstract art, so I looked at a bunch of art for inspiration. I thought this particular print was so cool, I decided to just make it into a quilt!

Pick-up Sticks by Isabel Lawrence

By far the hardest part of this quilt was finding all the fabric! I decided to redo our bedroom in light blue, various shades of gray, and black. I found the blue pretty easily, and I dug through my stash for gray, but the only gray fabric I had was a fat quarter. Luckily it was perfect. So then I had to buy tons of gray fabrics, mostly online, and could only use about half of them because the rest were the wrong shade -- I didn't realize how many different grays there are! And how many of them are really PURPLE. Anyway, once I had all the fabrics, I printed out a black and white copy of the art print, enlarged it a little bit on the copy machine, figured out the scale (i.e. 1/4 inch on the picture equaled 1.25 inches on the quilt) and then had to figure out all the measurements for each little section, cut and sew it all together. Easy. Except for when it was done, the center measured 4 inches smaller than the top and bottom. So there was a bit of fudging at the end, but who can tell?

I put gray minkee on the back and quilted it with straight lines 1/4 to 3/4 inches wide.

Here it is on the bed...it turned out even better than I had hoped!

I made these little matching quilted pillows with the leftover scraps.

I had too much fun quilting dandelions onto this one...