Cutest Baby Girl Quilt EVER!

Here's my latest quilt. I made it for my friend Jill's baby girl, Ali. And OK, maybe it's not THE cutest baby girl quilt ever, but it is definitely the cutest baby girl quilt I have ever made! It was easy and fast too! (Thank goodness, since I am currently about 4 months behind on all the baby quilts I need to make!)

This quilt was inspired by some art prints I saw online back when I was looking for some inspiration for the pick-up sticks quilt. There were three different prints, and they were so cute--I thought if I took some of the elements from each picture and combined them--it would make a darling quilt. I love the names of the prints too. And when I was looking for these prints again to put them on here, I discovered that there is another one in the series...called Titanium. Cute, cute.

I drew up a little sketch so I wouldn't forget about it. I wanted to start making it right on the spot, but I had about 6 other projects that had to be done first and I didn't have the fabric I wanted to use for it (or so I thought). I looked online at fabric for a few days but couldn't seem to find what I had in mind--then I got smart and looked through my stash and found exactly what I needed! And it turned out just how I had first pictured it, colors and everything. So all in all, a success!

Here's a picture of my sketch. Originally I was going to put a leaf on it-- but I showed it to my husband and he was not a fan...he convinced me to try putting rings on it, so I messed with it for a while and finally ended up with the row of little rings. And can I just say that it was so fun to have my cute husbands input on this quilt! Usually he just says, "that looks great honey" (or something similar) and goes back to whatever he was doing. Seriously wish he was a quilter! He'd be good--but he's told me he has to draw the line somewhere...

I made this quilt using applique on a single piece of fabric. The patterns for the flowers and the circle in a square were taken from the art prints and all the other shapes I just kinda eyeballed when I cut them out.
I quilted this using my favorite swirly flower meander, and stitched around all the shapes. I contemplated quilting inside some of the bigger shapes, but decided to just leave them. I was going to piece the back with the scraps I had leftover so I could say I didn't have to buy anything for this quilt, but in the end I couldn't do it. So I bought some more of the black dotty stuff for the back and I am really glad I did. I also used the black dots for the binding and I love it!