Max's Robot Circle Quilt

Yes, another circle quilt. I made this one for my new nephew Max, at the request of his cute mom (my sister-in-law). When she found out she was having a boy, she told me she was going to decorate the nursery with robots. I remembered seeing the David Walker robots fabric and thought it might be perfect. She liked the main robot print but thought the coordinates were too bright, so she picked out the other fabrics she wanted to match. I threw together a couple of designs in EQ and let her choose the one she liked the best, and this is what we ended up with. I think it turned out really cute.

The circles were made with my favorite fusible interfacing method (roughly explained here) never fails! It was super fast to do these on the squares too. For the quilting, I got a little crazy. In the past I have struggled a little bit with how to quilt circle quilts (See my issues with stippling here). I wanted it to seem kinda sciencey (new word I just made up) so I did all the robot blocks with a grid around the circle and then a few randomly placed squares inside--they are all different--so that was fun. And I got pretty well acquainted with my mini ruler.

Then I used rulers to make this pattern--it's supposed to look kind of atomic...

...then on alternating rows I did this swirl with a groovy board--so fast--I love it!

And here it is in the nursery!