Freebird Wedge Quilt

Here's another quilt. I considered titling this post "Freebird Leftovers" since that is exactly what it is. When I finished making the Freebird Circle Quilt I had a ton of extra fabric and lots of it was already sewn together so I just decided to cut it all into the same wedges used to make the circle quilt, and sash it. So, voila! --another quilt using the Freebird fabric.

I was all excited to make this quilt-- mostly because I thought I would just be able to bust it out in a day or two...ha ha. I got all the wedges cut out...then I got the worst cold of my life that lasted for almost 2 weeks, and I didn't have the energy to even touch it. Meanwhile, it was in a pile in the family room so I could see it not getting done every time I sat down to relax. I really wanted to just get it done, so the minute I felt better I laid it all out on the floor to get it in order. My design wall is currently occupied and I didn't feel like clearing it off so I figured the floor would have to do--and it would turn out fine. Well that's what I get for being lazy. Now every time I look at it I just want to kick myself for all the like fabrics that are next to each other and the super awesome--I mean awful-- job I did of evenly dispersing the different colors throughout the quilt. Yes, I have issues with randomness. Oh well it is what it is...and maybe the person who is getting this one won't even notice!

I quilted this one using the same pantograph I made for the circle quilt...I just made it a little bigger so it was faster to quilt! For the backing, I used the matching green butterfly print I had on hand (the one I picked up a few months back for $2/yard) -how lucky that I just happened to have that, right? Feels good to be using stuff from my stash!

For the binding, I decided to just go scrappy-- I still had a few wedges that didn't fit into the quilt, so I just cut those down and sewed them all together...I really like how it turned out!

I love quilting...