Alphabet Wall Poster

Due to a small quilting machine breakdown, I haven't been able to finish a quilt for a few weeks. So in the meantime, I decided to make this little alphabet poster to go in my girls room (among other things). It feels good to finally have it done since I've been plotting it for a while. Story time! For Christmas this past year I decorated our bedroom (see it here). As part of the decor I decided to make this dandelion picture to go over our bed. (Super easy--it's just a canvas painted with acrylic and a vinyl wall decal).

I decided I wanted to use an 18"x36" canvas but at the time couldn't find one locally--so I decided to just buy one online. The place I got them charged $30 (with shipping) for one canvas or $60 for five. It seemed a little ridiculous to pay that much for one when I could get five for twice as much, so I bought the five, figuring I'd use the extras for other art projects or sell them to my artistic friends. Well when they came, one of the canvases was damaged. I called the company and they said they'd send me a replacement. Well you can see where this is going...don't worry, they sent me FIVE MORE. I called them back and told them what happened, and they said I could just keep them. Now I had 8 extra the wheels in my little head started turning...and this alphabet poster is what I ended up with.

I looked on etsy under "alphabet poster" for some layout ideas. Then I downloaded a bunch of cute free fonts from and made the letters and colors in Inkscape (shareware version of Illustrator) so I could see exactly what it would look like. Then I printed out all the letters, traced them onto fusible paper(mostly for stability--I probably could have used fusible interfacing, but it didn't occur to me at the time), ironed them onto the different fabrics(the same ones I used in the quilts), cut them out and arranged them on the blank canvas (without ironing) and used liquid starch to make them stick. Easy. And totally cute. I actually later came up with a good idea for a border (since the wall I hung it on is the same color as the canvas) that I should have allowed room for, but alas, I didn't. No worries, I still have plenty of canvases left...I can always make another one! :)

yay for decorating!