Fix Your Quilting Related (and other) Pain

Got pain? Me too. I debated even writing this post, since usually I like to post finished quilts and projects here, but I figured what the heck. And then the post got so long...I made it its own page (here).

Meanwhile, I would rather be binding this:

Piecing this:

and quilting this:

but instead I am taking a break!

Happy Quilting and/or pain eliminating!!


  1. Read the "other post". I know where you are. Around thirty, my endocrine system crashed. I put it back together with natural medicine. Took a long time, and I still have to put it in check sometimes, but I stayed off of meds and lead a normal life;)
    Take care of your body, the quilting can wait a few days;) Love the pictures of your projects;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. These are wonderful projects!!