Small Wall Quilt #2 --Wedges

Here is wall quilt number two (of four). When I was deciding which patterns to use, I thought of trying to miniaturize a couple of quilts that I had loved but given away, and knew I'd never get around to making again for myself. I decided on this one because I also wanted to see if it would look as good as the original using just a few tone on tone prints versus a whole line of really busy prints. I think it turned out well, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of the first one...and the wedges on the mini version ended up looking slightly crooked! Oh well...still cute.

This type of quilt is perfect for a pantograph in my opinion. I used one called it...too bad it is hard to see how cute it is in pictures!

After I took the picture of the circle quilt on a cool door, I decided to hunt around to try and find some other unique doors to take pictures of the other small quilts. Well I hit the jackpot with this sweet outhouse door!

How funny is that?