Small Wall Quilt #3 --Peels

Here is small quilt number 3! This might be my favorite one. I just love everything about it. This quilt was inspired by one I saw in a I can't remember which magazine, but honestly the quilt was not that great (questionable fabric and interesting construction method), but it did have the peel shape split down the middle which I really liked. I looked in the block library of EQ and found a peel block I liked, printed it out and made a little template. Then I sewed black strips together with the different colored ones, put fusible web on the back, traced the template, cut them all out and appliqued them on a single piece of white fabric.

I used a pantograph to quilt it but only because I was too lazy to mark the whole the quilting is not as precise as it could have been, but I've never pretended to be a works.

I found this door on the grounds of a super old mansion here in town...couldn't have painted it a more perfect color myself!