Boxy Rings Baby Quilt

Aka...triplet quilt #1. I have a special place in my heart for triplets (mostly because I have little sisters that are triplets). So when I found out I was getting some new triplet nephews I was totally excited! And part of the excitement might have had something to do with the thought of making quilts for the little darlings. Yeah, I totally planned to have the quilts done by the time the babies were born, but that sure didn't happen. Ah, the best laid plans...

So anyway, here is the first one. The other two will look the same (well, similar...same pattern/fabrics placed in a slightly different order) and the backing fabrics will be different as requested by their mom. She told me what colors she wanted but gave me free reign as far as design...and I went a little crazy. I picked a design that probably would have been better suited for just a single quilt...but nooo...I couldn't pick something fast and easy. Well, one down, two to go. I was going to wait to post on them until they were all done, but I changed my mind because I am a little excited with how the first one turned out!

The inspiration for this quilt design came after another quilt I made a few months ago...this cutest baby girl quilt...

I really liked the row with the rings in a rounded box, so I decided to make a whole quilt with just that shape. I made a little pattern in inkscape and tried out a bunch of different layouts/color combos before deciding on this one. I printed the shape out on a piece of cardstock to make a little template. I used fusible web applique for the shapes and stuck them all on a single piece of fabric...I'm really loving that method fun and relatively easy.

I've had this top done for a couple months. I was struggling a little bit with how to quilt it (does this sound familiar?). So a few weeks ago I finally loaded it on the quilting frame. Then it sat for a week or so while I waited for inspiration to strike. I couldn't find a pantograph I really liked, so I considered doing straight lines in all the white space, but the thought of using rulers on this one was I was trying to come up with a good freehand design so I could just bust it out. Well I went to the Free Motion Quilting Project website (that chick is amazing) and found exactly the inspiration I was looking for! So 3 fun filled hours later, the quilt was done. (Why did this quilt take me 6 months to finish?) I completely love how the quilting looks on this!

I put Kona Tarragon on the back and bound it in a sweet Joann stripe that my sister-in-law chose...I think it is super cute!

Now I better get busy and finish the other two!