Small Wall Quilt #4 --Squares

Here's the last small wall quilt. This is actually the first one I started making, but then I got distracted by the other three, so it was the last one finished. It was inspired by this super cute quilt by little miss shabby. When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a small quilt. I looked at the original pattern for the quilt and then made little templates for the smaller size in EQ. Somehow I didn't make the angles quite right, so my diamonds are not as narrow as little miss shabby's quilt, but I think it is such a cute pattern, it's kinda hard to mess it up!

I struggled with the quilting on this one. Originally I was going to echo the diamond shape inside the diamonds, but I didn't like any of the sketches I drew with that pattern, so in the end I went with straight lines and's ok I guess...totally wish I was a more brilliant quilter sometimes!

And here's my last door picture...pretty sure that statue is holding a sickle...I'm thinkin' she would have rather been quilting!