Boxy Rings Quilt #2

Here is triplet quilt #2. It has been done for close to a month but I haven't been super motivated to take pictures and post on it. Maybe because it looks exactly the same as the first one? Well anyway, I decided today was the day. It had been sitting in a heap in my quilting room, so I ironed it. While ironing, I decided that I am putting my blue water-soluble pen on notice (Colbert Report fans? No? Ok.). Anyway, I don't know why, but as I ironed it, some of the blue marks that had previously disappeared suddenly decided to reappear. I have never had that happen before, but it was driving me a little crazy--I kept finding all these little blue spots! Luckily they re-disappeared with averted.

Aside from the different color placement of the shapes, this quilt was made exactly the same as the first one: fusible web applique on a single piece of white fabric, and blanket stitch in matching thread to sew each shape down.

The back of this one is Kona Azure...and it doesn't match exactly, but it's close enough. The quilting is the same as the first, as is the binding. Easy, easy!

I wanted to take pictures of this quilt someplace new and different...just to mix it up. Sometimes my yard gets boring. I am constantly on the prowl for interesting places to take quilt pictures. Today the big winner was my friend Sarah's backyard. They have this little fort that they built in their apple tree. It is the kind of thing I was always making plans to build when I was a kid so I think it is pretty cool. I decided it would be the location of my little photo shoot. And bonus, since the tree fort is made out of wood, I had something to tack the quilt to! No helpers necessary (my husband has totally been fired for acting unenthusiastic while holding quilts up for pictures)!

Two down, one to go!