Sewing fun

All quilting activities have hit the back burner the last couple of weeks. I have been working on some other sewing, including a fun little Christmas project for my darling 3 year old (that is not done yet of course). Who can believe that what she wants from Santa is a "long white dress" that must touch the floor and "look like yours" (aka a wedding dress). Santa's elves don't have the sewing skills (or the time or the or money or the patience) to make a dress like they are making a dress that will be similar in all the important will be long, and it will be white. :)  Meanwhile, I decided to make a skirt for my cute little sister who is going to be a missionary. She was having a hard time finding suitable skirts, so I volunteered to make her one and this is what we ended up with:

Super easy, and I really like how it turned out. The fabric for this is Midwest Modern Optic Blossom in Linen by Amy Butler and the pattern is Simplicity 2257. I have never really been a huge Amy Butler fan, but I really like this fabric for some reason. I had a bunch of leftovers. And I had this sweet little gem that I borrowed from my sister-in-law:

I don't own a serger (yet), but every time I decide to make a clothing item I wish I had it was really nice to have this itty bitty one (that only does the over-lock stitch) on hand. It totally made me want to make more stuff. So I decided to try and make a little toddler dress out of the leftover fabric from the skirt. I didn't have a pattern for this though...I just grabbed a dress out of the closet and faked it. I even made up the sleeves. And surprise, surprise, it doesn't look completely goofy! Success!

The little neck ruffle was an afterthought...since the neck was looking slightly bunchy. And baby girl likes it...and the sucker I had to bribe her with to put it on! ;)