Dots and Stripes Quilt

I'm ba-ack (from Arizona) and for the past 2 weeks I have been quilting like a mad woman! So here's one of the quilts I just's for my little (and only) brother and his wife who are about to have baby number 2. Luckily, it's a boy. 

This was the easiest quilt of America...mostly because the circles were already cut out. Remember the triplet quilts I made recently? (If not just look here to see all 3). Well I had all these circles left over. I decided to toss the darker blue ones out just to mix it up. So all I really had to do was draw a grid on a piece of white fabric (as usual), slap the circles on and stitch them down with a blanket stitch in matching thread. Piece of cake. 

Then I had to figure out the back. I was thinking about doing another stripey back after making the one for the Beach Umbrellas Quilt--since I liked it so much...and then I saw this SWEET shower curtain that my sister-in-law had and that clinched it.

I am in love with this shower curtain. It is only 16 dollars...16! I need it in my life!! I told my husband that I wanted to redo our bathroom just so I could have this shower curtain. He didn't say I couldn't do it...he just gave me a list of reasons why we didn't really need it. Dang his practicality! So I made a similarly striped quilt back in its honor instead. It looks a lot better in person than it does in the picture...I was in a fight with the light outside when I took this picture but was too impatient to wait til tomorrow to retake it...but you get the idea...

So for the quilting on this one I wanted to do something fast and I decided to do a grid of slightly crazy straight lines. Notes on this...I should have planned a little better--like drawn some sketches or something. If I had it to do again I wouldn't make the space between some of the lines so small--it draws too much attention to those sections in the quilting. Oops! I'm sure I could unpick a couple of lines to try and fix it...but I have a strict no-unpicking policy! ;)

Here's a shot of the quilting on the back...

I have to say, I am running low on ideas/locations for cool quilt pictures lately...luckily my friend Bridget was coming over today, and I remembered that she had this cool vintage suitcase, so I asked her to bring it with her when she came. Yay for fun and different quilt pictures.