Such a HAPPY Day!

If you recognize the name of this little Kentucky town, no explanation is needed for the title of this post! We're on our way back to Minnesota after a relaxing month-long stay in Florida, and today we stopped here! I was so excited all morning on the drive from our hotel outside of Nashville...I belted out Taylor Swift songs in the car and probably drove my husband nuts pointing out every sign along the road that told how far away we were from the quilter's mecca!

I don't normally get the chance to attend a lot of quilt shows anymore, so imagine my excitement when I realized that we were going to be driving right through Paducah the same weekend as the quilt show! Talk about stars aligning! I had never had the opportunity to visit this hardcore quilting town, but had heard all about it...luckily my husband is awesome and was more than happy to schedule a little stop on our way home. I can not even explain how much fun this day was for me...we only had about 3 hours at the show, but I made the most of it! I ran around taking pictures like I was the dang paparazzi (stalking the quilts of course--and I'm sad I can't post any of them--(show rules) but there were some amazing quilts!) I got some new rulers and thread and watched demos and sadly didn't have enough time to do any serious fabric shopping...but I was basically like a kid in a candy store!

Doesn't this look like CANDY??

After a while my cute kiddos started having a meltdown so my husband took them out in the hall to entertain them...when I found them again they were all sitting on the floor against a wall playing with the cones of thread I had bought...making towers and using them like was so cute! I'm just so glad my husband is so understanding and supportive of my quilting obsession...he was really great to watch the kids while I was off gallivanting...and he only gave me one pained look the whole day...when I made him hold my purse! ;) 

For lunch we went to Whaler's Catch--a seafood place that was really good! They had quilts draped all over the place...I thought this one was very fitting!

Hands down the best parts of the day were seeing some of my old HQ co-workers I haven't seen in years--and testing out my next quilting machine...I will be dreaming about that baby for at least as long as it takes me to figure out how to get it (without waiting forever 'til my husband starts making the big bucks)! It is SO time for an up-grade! I didn't know what I was missing! Ahhh!!! This day was so great...when we left the show I wanted to go straight to our hotel and start working on a new quilt! (Of course now that we are finally here I am too tired!) But hours later I am still smiling, thinking about what fun I had...that is the beauty of a quilt show!!