In Print!

I got some very exciting mail the other day! This sweet Australian Quilter's Companion Modern Quilts edition featuring a quilt by yours truly! :) I had no idea it was even coming, so when my husband put it down in front of me, I was a surprised girl! He had already read the whole thing and was telling me all about it...what pages to look on, etc...that's what I get for letting him get the mail! 

When I was contacted several months back about submitting a quilt, it was a month or two before we were about to move...I was thinking I couldn't do it since I wouldn't have time to make a whole new quilt...but they were nice enough to let me submit one that I had made previously and still had in my possession...the Wipey Box quilt! It's one of my favorites, so I was happy to finally get a pattern out there!

I even got a nice profile in the magazine, complete with picture! They also included some photos of other quilts I have made! So cool! It was also fun to see my cute bloggy friend Jenny Pedigo (of Quick Curve Ruler fame) in there as well! I think I have looked at the magazine about 25 times since I got it! 

Yay for quilting magazines!