Good Fortune Charm Quilt

Here's another quilt finally! I've had this one done for several months, but it has taken me this long to actually sit down and post it! There have been lots of big changes for me and my family the last few months so I haven't had as much time as I am used to having for important things like quilting (and blogging!). In May we welcomed a new little girl into our family and she is adorable, but it turns out she is also a little bit high I hold her a lot. :) At the end of June we said goodbye to New Hampshire and made a BIG move out west. We bought a house, my husband started a new practice and my oldest daughter started school! It has been crazy, but good! Things are finally starting to calm down, so I am hoping to be quilting a bit more now! Ok, back to the quilt:

I started this one back in January while I was re-organizing my quilting room. I had pulled all my fabric up from the basement so I could sort it and fold it and make it less of a mess. As I was going through a bag of fabric I came across a charm pack of Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda. I bought it last year when I was auditioning fabrics for my Quick Curve Ruler challenge quilt. Sometimes I just buy a charm pack to make sure the colors are right and it's what I really want before I commit to yardage. But then I have all these extra charm packs that I never use or end up just giving away. So rather than waste this cute little charm pack, I decided to quickly make it into a small quilt. I also had a little bit of left-over yardage from the challenge quilt, so I used some of that too.

So with piles of unorganized fabric still stacked around my living room I cut the charm squares in half and started laying them out on the floor. Nothing like an impromptu quilt! :) I figured the easiest and quickest thing to do was to make something similar to the Salt Air Charm Quilt but this time I wanted to try it on point. I didn't have enough fabric to use all prints, so I chose a gray solid for the center squares.

For the quilting I wanted to do something really cool like Chinese characters in all the gray squares since the fabric is Asian themed...but alas, there was no extra time or energy for that. I ended up making a pantograph with swirls and leaves and flowers that are supposed to look like cherry blossoms.

I backed it and bound it with the matching gray...

And photographed it on my friend Ella's sweet antique car. Then I gave it to my cute New Hampshire neighbor friend Tabitha. I was slightly scared of her the first time we met...but then we became great friends! We chatted every time our kids played outside together (which was a LOT) and I totally miss hanging out with her! At least she has a fun quilt to snuggle with if she misses me! ;)