Advent Calendar Quilt Pattern

If you need another fun can finally make this one! There is a pattern available! 

Story time! So the night before we left New Hampshire we stayed in a hotel since our beds were on a truck on their way out west. I had a miserable night of sleep so I was a cranky girl when I took my 3-year-old out to the lobby to get some breakfast. Somehow I struck up a conversation with two cute ladies who were eating at the table next to us. They were vacationing in NH and wouldn't you know it...they were quilters. We chit-chatted about fabric stores and quilt shows and I told them about my blog. I went back to my room 20 minutes later in the best mood! Quilters are my favorite! A couple weeks later I got an email from one of the ladies. She mentioned she had seen the blog and said she would look forward to a pattern for the Advent quilt. I told her I'd make one eventually. I really was planning to, but without sufficient motivation and/or a deadline it usually takes me FOREVER to make a pattern. So a couple weeks ago she emailed me again to say "hi" and show me a cool quilt she had made. She reminded me about the Advent quilt pattern, so I told her I'd get cracking on a pattern. And here we are! And for once, it didn't take me 2 months to get it done! Yay! So here you go cute Marsha! Thanks for keeping in touch! Pattern is HERE.