2014 Quilt Calendar

I know this girl who likes to make quilt calendars as Christmas gifts for her mom, sisters...other female relatives...friends...neighbors...you get the idea. She loves putting the quilts together and then making them look amazing (or mediocre...depending on the photo) in pictures. :)
Well one year, she got a little behind on the making of the quilts, and thus did not get the calendar done in time. It was tough for her to admit defeat...but she was not superwoman, so everyone got something else for Christmas instead. But today, even though it was half way through January, she decided to finally finish getting the calendar ready for printing. And then she ordered a test print. It was a happy moment. :)

Annnnd...the back is the same as always, but with a new font. I am printing them on Zazzle.com as usual since they never disappoint! So...those of you who are generally on the calendar receiving list, get excited! You will be getting your calendar...eventually...because I really want to do a test print this time so it is perfect and because really,  at this point, what's the rush?? ;)