Simply Rectangles Quilt

Here's a quilt! A fun quilt! A quilt I made back in November.

I did this one for the Fall Festival at my daughter's school. They were having a bunch of bucket raffles...and what's a good raffle without at least one quilt, right? Seriously, sometimes I just need any excuse to make a quilt! And since I took a 3 month break from quilting over the summer I was a little behind on my quota for the yearly calendar. So I thought it would be funny if I tried to finish 5 quilts in less than 2 months...starting with this one. Hahaha. (I almost made it!)

When I decided to make this quilt, I was thinking I would just grab a jelly roll and whip something out. I had seen Simply Style by V and Co. for Moda and thought it was so cute. I almost bought the jelly roll, but then decided to just get 1/4 yard cuts of my favorite fabrics in the line...I knew I would have leftovers--so I thought it would be wise to have leftovers I might actually use. 

For the pattern... I just got it from one of my favorite prints in the line...

Fat Quarter Bundle of Geometric Frames from the Simply Style Collection by V and Co for Moda

I love it! I just pasted a picture of a swatch into Inkscape, made the rectangles, messed with different color layouts and figured out the measurements. The size of this quilt is 80" x 82" but it was really fast to piece since the blocks were simple and huge. 

For the quilting, I decided to do a pantograph because they're so fast! I wanted one that was interesting since there was so much white space and I thought something angular would look best. I found this's called Sparkler. I think it's perfect!

For the back, I found this sweet chevron print at Hobby Lobby. The gray matched the gray on the front perfectly! And I love Hobby Lobby cause this stuff was less than five bucks per yard! Awesome! And I bound it in white.

So the best part was that the principal of the school ended up winning the raffle for this quilt and she was really excited. :)