Screamin' deal on batting!

Warm and White batting TWIN size for $10.51!
I love a good deal and this one is too good not to share! I shop online a's easier. And often, it's cheaper too. Sorry, but my inner thrifty girl (and my bank account) can't afford a sense of loyalty to any this killer deal is at my favorite big box retailer that everyone loves to hate...Walmart.

It would never have occurred to me to buy batting here...but I came across it and did a double take on the price of the TWIN batting--I'm not sure how great the price is on the other sizes--twin is usually the size I buy and I have never seen it this cheap! And bonus...if you spend $50 the shipping is free too! And at this price, it's easy to buy 5! Or 10. Or...a year supply! So if your conscience allows you to take advantage of this kind of deal...hop on over to and get some before they change their minds and roll the price back up! Happy Friday! :)


  1. That's even cheaper than buying from Joann at half off! But I already have several queen size battings that I need to use up.

  2. Thanks so for the tip....I have lots of tops to get quilted.

  3. Nice! I see the Pellon 100% cotton is pretty affordable too.

  4. apparently in Canada we get the great prices too... but they only sell 100% polyester :(

    1. Ohh! Bummer! I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to get you all excited for nothing! I totally forgot about whether you could get it outside the US! :(

  5. Good to know. I have a bunch of batting to use up here too but next time I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.