Geometric Bliss Quilt

Here's another quilt finally! I know it has been a while...this poor, neglected blog! You may as well know that it's because I am pregnant (with girl #4), and I get weird when I'm pregnant. I go thru phases of fabric aversion, idea drought, quilt neglect and this apathy. Like I said, weird. I have somehow managed to still finish several quilts, but have had no desire to blog about them. So here we are...with about 7 weeks to go and I finally feel like getting caught up! On to the quilt!

I made this quilt for my friend Maren. I hardly need an excuse to make quilts for my friends so pretty much any occasion will do. This was for her 35th birthday. It was one of those last minute quilts that I planned and executed in a week or so...have I mentioned that I love deadlines? Yes! Deadlines make the world go round! 

The fabric for this one is mostly Geometric Bliss by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery - plus a couple of other fabrics I had that matched. I love the blue-greens and purples in this line- and they're such fun prints! I bought this with no specific purpose in mind, but decided it would be perfect once I decided on the design. 

The design came from an art piece I saw while walking through a model home last year. Model homes are full of quilty inspiration, so on this particular day I was snapping away at shower walls and ceilings...and when I saw this piece I knew it would become a quilt. Sadly I have no idea what the art piece is called or who the artist is- all I have is this quick snap shot:

This type of design is perfect for my favorite type of quilt lately: applique on a single piece of fabric. A design like this could probably be pieced...but the lazy girl in me just can't be bothered to figure out how. So this is all fusible web applique, finished with a blanket stitch in matching thread. I made the shape in Inkscape, traced onto fusible web, ironed to the fabric and cut it all out. Then I figured out all the spacing and marked it on the fabric with a water-soluble marking pen. 

I quilted it with a quick and swirly pantograph called Heraldry. Wish you could see it better!

I had originally bought a different backing for this quilt, but at the last minute decided to get this great black and white print from the Geometric Bliss line and I am so happy I did! I love it so much!

I bound it in the smaller black and white print from the line...
And then I thought it would be fun to make a label...

To make the label I used the same method as usual: made the design in Inkscape, printed it, traced it with a fine point sharpie marker onto fabric backed with fusible web, added fabric embellishments, etc. Sometimes I have a little too much fun with the labels. :) 

I rolled it up and tied it with a bow and gifted it to Maren...and I'm pretty sure she liked it. 

I'll be back real soon! Hopefully. :)