About Me

Hi, I’m Cynthia and I love to make quilts! I started sewing and trying to create things from fabric at a young age but I made my first real pieced quilt in a college class. That first quilt was a blue and yellow sampler (where is a picture of that little gem when I need it?!)…I had so much fun planning and making that quilt and I spent sooo many hours hand quilting it. When I finally finished it I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I gave it to my mom for Christmas…she cried and I decided that everyone needed to be given a quilt.

The teacher of that college class mentioned once that a double wedding ring quilt was a very advanced quilt to piece and that beginners shouldn’t try making something so hard…so I decided that my second quilt would be a double wedding ring. It took me about 2 months to piece and about 6 months to hand quilt, but I finished it and gave it to my older sister for her wedding. That’s how it all started. Since then I have made a lot of quilts! I love to share them, so I’m glad you’re here! I hope you find some quilty inspiration!
Just for fun, here is some random info about me:
  • I won my sewing machine at a company Christmas party. It’s a Pfaff 2046 and I love it!
  • I get quilt inspiration from all kinds of things. I once held up a line on a ride at Disneyland so I could snap a photo of a fancy ceiling vent. The design later became a quilt.
  • I rarely use patterns–I like the challenge of coming up with my own thing. Plus, I have the hardest time following patterns-I always have to change something!
  • I am super good at justifying fabric purchases!
  • EQ7 and Inkscape are my go-to programs for quilt design- I love to see what a quilt will look like before I start cutting.
  • I usually have two or three quilts in the works at all times and I have very few unfinished quilts.
  • I was first introduced to long-arm quilting when I responded to a job posting for an accounting position at a long-arm quilting machine manufacturer.
  • Most of the quilting “rules” I follow are ones I made up myself. šŸ˜‰
  • I never hand sew my bindings on. Like ever.
  • I give lots of my quilts away to friends or family.
  • I have 4 daughters.
  • My husband fully supports my quilting habit and encourages me to “quilt my little heart out”