The Curvy Ruler Quilt

Here's my latest quilt! I tried to think of a better name for it, but I have been affectionately referring to it as "the curvy ruler quilt" for over three months...why stop now? 

I made this quilt for the "Quick Curve Ruler Challenge" on the Fat Quarterly Blog. (UPDATE 2019: Fat Quarterly is no longer in existence. Luckily, I saved a copy of the post (see it here)). This was my first design challenge quilt...I don't normally enter contests or volunteer to try out new products, but I've been a big fan of Jenny Pedigo's blog, Sew Kind of Wonderful, for a while. Jenny invented the Quick Curve Ruler and she makes the cutest curvy quilts EVER! When she finally released her ruler I was kind of excited to make one of her quilts (this one) and was just about to buy the ruler when I saw the call for volunteers for the design challenge. I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the I got the ruler for free (yay!) and I had about 2 months to come up with and finish a project--it didn't have to be a quilt, but obviously it was never a question--of course I was going to make a quilt! 

Originally, I was planning on making a completely different quilt. I had mocked it all up in EQ and picked the fabric I wanted to use and everything--but then Jenny posted a block that was similar to what I was planning...and I wanted to do something different and original for the challenge so I decided to go back to the drawing board. It took me a few more days but I finally came up with this design. I immediately loved the optical illusion created by breaking up the waves with boxes. I played with a lot of different color schemes...but in the end, I decided I really wanted to use the fabrics I had chosen for the other quilt. So I did. The sweet gray dots are from Juicy Blossoms by Simon and Kabuki for Quilting Treasures and the rest is Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda.

Piecing the top went pretty quickly...Jenny's ruler makes it really fast to cut out the curves and my sister sent me her "Curve Master" presser foot when I told her what I was doing-- that made sewing the curves a snap too.

The quilting on this one was pretty fun. I used my trusty straight line stencil and pounce chalk to mark all the diagonal lines and then my mini ruler for the actual quilting. I made a paper stencil in the shape of the white wave section that I used to mark the centers of all the circles...then a circle groovy board to make the circles...easy and fast--I love that groovy board. I wanted to have some kind of "girly" element in the quilting so I added the flowers in the centers of the boxes--I just free-handed those. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. 

I bound this in the gray dot...I totally love that fabric! And for the backing I used the light blue/white fabric from the front. I think it is such a beautiful print--and I love the color, but after I had finished quilting it, I was sad that I had used it...due to the busyness of the pattern you can't see the quilting on it at all. Oh well, still pretty.

Ahhh...quilting makes my heart sing!