The Curvy Ruler Quilt

This post originally appeared on the Fat Quarterly Blog back in 2012. Sadly, Fat Quarterly is no longer in existence. I'm putting the post here so I don't lose the measurements for how to make this quilt! There is not a pattern for it yet, but I'm hoping one day there will be! 

Hi! I'm Cynthia from Ahhh...Quilting and here's my quilt for the "Quick Curve Ruler" challenge!

I've been stalking Jenny's blog for about a year, so I was a happy camper when she finally released her ruler! I had planned on trying a few different quilts with it...her Urban Abacus quilt is totally cute--that was going to be the first one I made...I guess now it will have to be number 3 or 4! :) Jenny has designed so many darling curvy patterns, it took me a couple days to think up a quilt that didn't look suspiciously like one of hers--but finally inspiration struck and I plotted a little something of my is what I came up with:

A couple years ago I saw a picture of a wavy quilt online. I thought it was very cool. I was wishing I new how to make it...but not enough to spend the time to do it. The one quilt I had ever pieced with curves required lots of time...but even more aggravating--it required lots of pinning--and that's not really my thing. So I steered clear of anything with pieced curves or I just faked it with applique (I know, I know...what a sissy!). Anyway, once I saw Jenny's quilts I decided to suck it up and piece something with curves. So for the challenge I decided to try a wavy quilt like the picture I saw online-- then I threw in some boxes to mix it up! I made the design in EQ6 so I could see how it would look. Then, once I had the ruler in my hands, I made a few test blocks to make sure it would work out. 

The curve I needed for the block didn't require using the entire length of the curve cut-out on the ruler, so to conserve fabric, I just used part of the curve. I made 2 different paper templates that I taped to the back of the ruler to use as guides so I wouldn't have to re-figure out where to line it up with each cut. It worked like a charm! 


Once I had it all figured out, I was able to cut out all the curves for this quilt in about 45 minutes...and I'm pretty sure the reason it even took that long was because I was dorking around taking pictures! ;) I love how fast this ruler makes cutting out curves!


To sew these...I'm not gonna lie...I might have cheated a little bit. I did try Jenny's method for sewing the curves together and it worked just exactly like she shows in her video...except that when I was sewing it was slower than cold tar. I'm sure I would have gotten faster...but before I could improve my speed, my sister sent me a special foot she bought specifically for sewing curves...and I maybe might have used it because it made it super easy for me and much faster.Win, win. Either way, there was no pinning involved-- Hallelujah!

I liked making this curvy quilt so much, I made a second one and have plans for at least 2 others...just look what you've done, Jenny! (Thanks!) 

My original post about the quilt with more details and pictures can be found HERE.